Player Testimonials

Carl Carrwik - Hello my name is Carl Carrwik and I am from Onsala Sweden. I have had two wonderful years at Foothill, which has given me the unique possibility to represent a NCAA Division 1 school in form of Santa Clara University.

Coming to Foothill has been the best decision I have ever made and I have grown both as a person and a player. Since arriving two years ago, I have made life long friends from all over the world, which created the perfect start of my college carrier. One thing I never will forget is the feeling and atmosphere Head Coach Tom Liner creates year after year. Alongside the beautiful facilities, helpful staff and great teammates, Foothill Soccer becomes a family, you always will remember and care for.

It is hard for me to pick my most memorable moment at Foothill because there are many good moments to choose from. But one that immediately comes to mind is when we, ranked #2, played Hartnell #1. From a 0-2 deficit early in the second half we pulled through as family and worked for each other. After the final whistle, Kramer Runager had scored a hat trick and the last goal came in the 93rd minute through a sweet diving header!

Foothill College was the perfect start for my college carrier providing great academics, great possibilities to develop as a soccer player and most importantly grow as a person. Without Coach Liner and Foothill, I would never be playing for one of the finest institutions, Santa Clara University.

Kramer Runager - What is Foothill Soccer all about? The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Foothill Soccer is what it provided me in terms of skill level and experience on the field. Welcoming all walks of life, Foothill soccer brings together players from all around the world who are given a high quality experience with former San Jose Clash goalkeeper, Tom Liner as head coach. Playing for the Owls means more than just playing for a team, it means playing for your Foothill Family. The amount of support given by the players, coaches, and entire school is unrivaled at Foothill and provides a professional like atmosphere with a brand new natural grass field set in the beautiful Los Altos Hills. Also, it is a great place for players/students who are interested in moving on to play and study at another school. The environment and location of foothill allows players many opportunities to showcase their talents. It is a privilege being a part of the Foothill Family and I greatly recommend it for anyone who is looking for the experience of a lifetime. 

Most memorable moment at Foothill was scoring a hat-trick against Hartnell #1 after a 0-2 deficit and beating them 3-2. Transferred to Chico State in 2012 to play two years for the wildcats. Virginia State Player of the Year DII 2008, First team all District, Region, and State. Foothill College All-American in 2011 with 19 goals and 15 assists at number 3 in the state in scoring. 

Peter Davies - Hi my name is Peter Davies, I am from England and I have just finished my sophomore season here playing football (soccer) at Foothill. First of all it has been the best decision I have ever made to come to America and to Foothill, where my goal has been to earn a scholarship to an NCAA school which I achieved when I accepted a Full Scholarship to Montana State University to play in 2010.

In the time I have been here I have learnt such a great deal not only through being pushed in the classroom but life in general and have grown as a person. I have become lifelong friends with my teammates who are from all over the world and also with the people around college which has made my experience here so special. There are so many things here that I would have never dreamt of doing before in my life, not just in soccer but so many other parts of my life. Whether it was a fun birthday celebration with room mates or a memorable team weekend to play NCAA Chico State where we won 1-0 and I scored an English crafted goal to win the game.

This past 2009 season has been one of the most enjoyable seasons I have ever had and if we had a bit more luck on our side we could have gone all of the way. I have played with fantastic players and with our coach Tom Liner's passion and enthusiasm for the team we have become good mates and a real team. Foothill has to be the best Community college to be at and if you work hard enough and things go well there are so many opportunities as well as being part of a close team.

I will truly miss being part of the Foothill team but it will always be part of me for the rest of my life!

Peter Davies (England)

Ashkan Parpinchee - My name is Ashkan Parpinchee and I am an international student from Roma, Italy. I have been a member of the Foothill Soccer Team for two years now, that is, since I arrived to America. These last two years have been an amazing life experience that I would not trade for anything in the world. Not only have I been working hard as a soccer player, but I have enjoyed playing in my team thanks to my mates and our strong team spirit. My teammates and I are like a big family that take care and care for one another as brothers. 

Our coach, Tom Liner, is like the head of our family who makes sure we all perform well and enjoy playing. The strength of our team derives from the great communication on the field between us as team players and the love for one another is what gives us the extra energy to do well. Unfortunately, I got injured the previous two seasons and have not had the chance to play as often as I would like to. I have suffered a great deal due to the injuries, yet thanks to the support from my team players and coach, I have not given up on soccer. 

My dream for next season is to regularly play with Foothill Soccer Team and to win each and every game during the season. I know that with our strong communication, will and energy we will win them all! Go Owls! FORZA FOOTHILL!!!

Ashkan Parpinchee

Shane Clark - My name is Shane Clark, I'm one of the only local guys on the team. I must say, I was shocked to see such diversity in the group of players that came out to the field on the first day. More than anything else, the combination of so many nationalities helped shaped our team and define who we are. As you can see, thats something almost any Foothill soccer player will mention, so it obviously played a huge role in how we meshed together as a team and as friends. 

As for the game itself, I'v never been so proud to walk out onto the field. We worked together so well as a team, and with so many different types of players, we deloped many different strengths on the field, which many teams had trouble coping with. Soccer is also something that everyone on the team takes very seriously. We all want to win and be successful, so it makes it easier to push ourselves to the limit. And coach Tom Liner is always there to push you harder and help you improve in every aspect of the game. He is very easy to approach regarding soccer questions, or even issues that don't involve soccer. 

If you're looking for a truely dedicated and hard working team to play on, Foothill College is a great choice. Not only do we work hard on the field, we all relax and have fun together, as a team, off the field.

Regis Kouassi - I have played my 2 years of community college in Foothill. Honestly, I wanted to quit after my first year, until I heard that Tom Liner was going to be the head coach for the following year; then everything changed.

We became a BIG FAMILY, and as members of that family, it became easier for all of us to express ourselves better. I had the chance to learn more about life through soccer. We had 13 straight wins for our first games, finished top 15 in the nation, and were supervised by at least 5 NCAA coaches.
There is no winner if there is no fight: In Foothill, we want to WIN!

Regis Kouassi Ivory Coast U.C Davis 08

Andreas Mokos - Hi my name is Andreas Mokos and I am an international student athlete from Sweden. I came to Foothill college to play soccer and get a better education in the United States. Studying here has given me many options in where and what to study after I finish at Foothill College. 

European soccer is very different from the way people in the United States play so playing here has helped me develop my skills and learn a whole new game of soccer. Tom Liner was also a great influence because he had a different way of coaching and teaching us the game. He is a very creative coach and makes practice fun. Not only was Tom a great coach, he truly cares about his athletes. 

When I got here he helped me find an apartment and pretty much everything else that I needed. It has been really fun traveling around to different colleges to play and even practicing on the beach. The friends I made playing soccer were so helpful in finding the things I needed or helping me understand what I had trouble with. There are many other activities and sports offered here at Foothill and I highly recommend, as an international student, to get involved in one or the other if you are insecure about your English. It will really help you out and you will also make some really great friends. 

The campus is very rural and surrounded by the beautiful Los Altos Hills community where you can always expect the sun to be shining. Foothill is a very diverse campus and is home to many international students. You will be sure to find people that share your common interests. In comparison to Sweden, California is the place to be if you are looking for great weather, a good education and a bit of fun on the soccer field
Andreas Mokos

Elisabeth Hagman-Jorgensen - Hello everybody. My name is Elisabeth Hagman-Jorgensen and I am the mother to Christian, that had the opportunity to study at the Foothill College and play in there Soccerteam last year. We come from Sweden.

It was a fantastic period in his life and he learned so much. The school lies wonderfully in Silicon Valley, that is so beautiful. All the houses are built so that they are in harmony with the nature.
He learned booth skills from school, but also life wisdom from all the wonderful leaders. My favorite is Tom Liner, the Soccerteam coach. We felt so safe to have Christian in his team. He take care of the boys in all way. He is a true friend and now when Christian is home we feel that Tom is still one of our best friends
Elisabeth Hagman-Jorgensen

Robin Söderblom, Norrköping - Coming to Foothill College is one of the best choices I've ever made in my life! Foothill College is a beautiful college located in the hills of Los Altos. Here I've experienced high quality education with some of the best teachers in the area, and a wonderful soccer program led by Coach Tom Linér and his assistants.

Coach Tom Linér is not only our coach, but also a great guy outside the field! With his knowledge about the game and personality he manages to make the players perform that extra percent every game.

When I first got here I was all alone and didn't know anybody, after one week of practice I had 35 new friends from nine(!) different countries, friends that I will have for life. We managed to create a good feeling in the team even though we all come from different cultures. Accepting and respecting each other outside the field gave us advantage on the field. If you want to be a part of a TEAM, you've come to the right place. I'm proud to say that I study at Foothill College, and even more proud to represent Foothill Soccer!
Robin Söderblom, Norrköping, Sweden. Freshman Goalkeeper at Foothill Soccer

Alexander Dellstrand - I am so happy that I choose foothill. It's a wonderful school in a beautiful area. In our team there are guys from all around the world like Mexico, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Sweden, Japan and a bunch of other places. Everyone is different, but still the same. Everyone knows each other's and it's a great atmosphere in the team. In foothill it's all about the team spirit. 1, 2, 3 Foothill!

Our coach Tom is a really good friend and a funny guy. At the same time he's a really good coach that gets the best out of every player. I feel so proud when I put my foothill jersey on. I got so many new friends here at foothill and that's a friendship that is going to last forever.

Alexander Dellstrand 2007